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The vessels are crafted by hand using a variety of clays and employing the coil and pinch techniques. With each coil finely pinched before adding another, a rhythmic process emerges, resulting in a unique pattern. Utilizing simple wooden tools, I gradually shape the form from within.

My preference lies with the wax resist technique for vessel decoration, where I take pleasure in crafting bold patterns that complement the form's contours.

Clay possesses a memory, retaining every mark and impression made during its malleable state, thus preserving the intimacy of the crafting process throughout the finished piece.




Nicola (Nicci) Neilson, hailing from England, completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Canterbury Kent (UK) in 1996, earning a BA in Fine Art. Following her graduation, Nicola embarked on a decade-long journey, traversing the globe and painting vibrant, expressive landscapes inspired by her adventures. Her works found homes in various galleries and were acquired by esteemed institutions such as BBC London and Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge.

In 2005, Nicci made New Zealand her home and continued her artistic pursuits from a studio space in Waitohi Picton, all while nurturing her family and sharing her passion for art through teaching at primary schools. In recent times, Nicci has delved into the world of ceramics, inspired by a serendipitous encounter with a local ceramicist. This new medium resonated with Nicci's organic approach to design, prompting her to explore its creative possibilities further.

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